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The Ron Clark Academy is a SACS/CASI accredited, highly acclaimed, nonprofit middle school in Southeast Atlanta that promotes innovation and engages its students through energetic teaching balanced by a strict code of discipline.  Our school has received both national and international recognition for our success in educating our students and promoting academic rigor, passion, creativity, and increased student engagement in the classroom.  Our 5th-8th graders represent various socio-economic and academic backgrounds and communities from across the metro region. 

RCA serves as a model school, and our goal is to extend our reach beyond our student body by having an impact upon students everywhere.  Each year, thousands of educators participate in our educator training programs to learn how to replicate the school's style, philosophy and success in their own schools.  To date, over 10,000 educators from around the world have participated in RCA's staff development programs.  After visiting, educators remain connected with us via our Great American Teachers Club (GATC), our virtual educator community and resource portal.

Our decorated faculty maintains an elevated standard of performance and behavior expectations for all RCA students.  As a result, students thrive here and complete our program well-rounded and academically stronger than when they first enrolled.  We have found that within the first year of instruction, students typically experience double percentile increases in performance across all subject areas and continue to improve as they matriculate.  Our students are also known for their confidence, manners, and social skills, due in part to the enrichment and exposure they receive while with us. 

In many ways, the school’s academic success and recognition as a best practice model affirms the value and timeliness of our role as an educator training institute.  It also provides a credible platform for us to share our methods and explain how they can be replicated in other schools, both public and private.

Ron Clark and students return from South Africa

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