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The Ron Clark Academy is a nonprofit organization, and 100% of our registration proceeds support our students’ scholarships and programs.

The RCA Experience is an interactive, dynamic learning experience where educators observe live classes in action and attend workshops that focus on improving student engagement, increasing academic rigor, and creating a climate and culture for success.

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For the first time, the RCA Signature Series!

Math and Science Day at RCA

December 2, 2019


Admin Day at RCA

January 10, 2020


ELA Day at RCA

January 13, 2020


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The RCA House Conference

July 9-10, 2020


The RCA House Conference is an intimate and power-packed experience where faculty members from schools that use RCA’s official houses of Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi and Reveur will come together for an incredible two-day experience where they will learn how to enhance their school’s house system! 


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The Ron Clark Academy (RCA) is a highly acclaimed, nonprofit middle school in Atlanta known for its methodology that engages its students through dynamic, rigorous teaching balanced by manners and character development. Each year, thousands of educators from around the world participate in RCA’s professional development training, the RCA Experience, to learn how to replicate the school’s style, philosophy, and success in their own schools. To date, over 60,000 educators have visited RCA to engage in our professional development offerings.

What makes our professional development experience distinctive?

While at RCA, participants actually have the opportunity to observe master teachers instructing our students in live classrooms.  Our school is composed of students from varied academic, social, socioeconomic, and emotional development levels, and through our observation model, educators are able to see firsthand how our techniques transform the learning environment. Most educators never have the opportunity to watch classes being taught while simultaneously reflecting on how to improve their own instruction, and this training model cannot be found elsewhere at the same level of immersion.

In addition to classroom observations, educators also attend workshops throughout the course of the day. Our team is comprised of nationally renowned, sought-after educators, and in the workshop setting, participants are given more detailed instruction about the classroom observations as well as other teaching methods and programs implemented at RCA.  In this intimate setting, visiting educators are able to engage in vibrant, lively sessions, participate in meaningful dialogue, ask questions, and seek ways to translate our techniques into their own classrooms, schools, and districts.

During the RCA Experience, a focus is placed on our three pillars: climate and culture, rigor, and student engagement.  Here are just some of the things educators learn while during the RCA Experience!



  • Techniques for promoting discipline and respect, including The Essential 55
  • Methods for creating a sense of urgency and a standard of high expectations
  • Methods for embracing and teaching diversity, culture, social justice, and global awareness
  • Ways to ignite a passion for learning
  • Strategies for engaging parents and guardians
  • Ways to begin the school year, from the Meet and Greet to the first days of school
  • Techniques for building student confidence, respect, and enthusiasm
  • Ideas for instilling a sense of tradition
  • Ways to engage students with members of the community
  • Tips for building a sense of school spirit and pride
  • The RCA House System
  • The 6 Principles of Effective Communication
  • Schoolwide programs and initiatives
  • Methods for motivating and encouraging staff members
  • The Amazing Shake initiatives for teaching soft skills



  • Strategies for higher order questioning and thinking
  • Techniques for maximizing academic learning time
  • Ways to set high expectations as well as support for all learners
  • Varied techniques for monitoring student progress
  • Methods for engaging students in academic discussions and collaboration
  • Ways to increase academic achievement in all subject areas
  • Lessons that require creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving



  • Techniques for effective teacher and student movement
  • Methods for tracking and eye contact
  • Ways to integrate music, the arts, and the Multiple Intelligences into the curriculum
  • Techniques for infusing energy and passion into lesson planning and delivery
  • Ideas for teaching the content with creativity and innovation
  • Ideas for interactive, cooperative learning that promotes student engagement
  • Techniques for making real-world connections
  • Specific strategies to promote participation from all students
  • Techniques for incorporating conversation, discussion, and presentation skills
  • Ways to celebrate student success

Visiting educators also have the opportunity to interact with our students, ask them questions, and hear firsthand about their insights and experiences at RCA.  This is always one of our participants’ favorite takeaways!

Currently, participants may choose either one or two-day training options  

One Day Training

$525 per educator*

 Price increases to $550 on March 1, 2020



$995 per educator*

Price increases to $1,050 on March 1, 2020

Our two-day training offers an even more in-depth version of professional development with additional observations, workshops, strategies, and opportunities for reflection. Because this option is in the highest demand, more two-day trainings are offered each year.


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Refunds for teacher training experiences at RCA will be granted up to 30 days prior to the training date.   

Please contact us at or call 678-651-2199 if you have any questions or concerns. 

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September 20, 2019 1 Day Training $525 REGISTER
September 27, 2019 1 Day Training $525 REGISTER
October 3-4, 2019 2 Day Training $995 REGISTER
October 16-17, 2019 2 Day Training $995 REGISTER
November 7-8, 2019 2 Day Training $995 REGISTER
November 21-22, 2019 2 Day Training $995 REGISTER

December 2, 2019

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Math & Science Day $425  REGISTER
December 6, 2019 1 Day Training $525 REGISTER

January 10, 2020

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Admin Day at RCA $425 REGISTER

January 13, 2020

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January 16-17, 2020 2 Day Training $995 REGISTER
January 31, 2020 1 Day Training $525 REGISTER
February 6-7, 2020 2 Day Training $995 REGISTER
February 17, 2020 1 Day Training $525 REGISTER
February 20-21, 2020 2 Day Training $995 REGISTER
April 23-24, 2020 2 Day Training $1050 REGISTER
May 8, 2020 1 Day Training $550 REGISTER
May 14-15, 2020 2 Day Training $1050 REGISTER
May 18-19, 2020 2 Day Training $1050 REGISTER
May 22, 2020 1 Day Training $550 REGISTER
May 28-29, 2020  2 Day Training $1050  REGISTER
June 12-13, 2020  2 Day Training $1050  REGISTER

July 9-10, 2020

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RCA House Conference $495 REGISTER
July 15, 2020  1 Day Training $550  REGISTER
July 16-17, 2020  2 Day Training $1050  REGISTER


The RCA Experience is from 8:30AM - 4:00PM.
Please arrive early. Doors open at 8:15AM.

All events take place at the Ron Clark Academy
228 Margaret St. SE, Atlanta, GA 30315.

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